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Jana is a game-changer.

I totally look forward to our weekly sessions! She is calming, brilliant and intuitively cuts to the core of my perceived barriers with me. I signed up for Jana’s sessions during a particularly daunting time in my life and she helped me recognize what I needed to see in order to move on. (I had hired a therapist at the same time and ended up working with Jana only after two sessions- the nurse coaching process she implements was far more helpful than the therapist was offering me!)

I was able to thrive in the weeks with her sessions. I started out like a deer in headlights, my life felt like it was spinning out of control and she taught me how to take my power back. I hired Jana in the middle of a traumatic life experience- was spending my days sitting and crying or painting walls, keeping busy – staying numb. I was living under a dark veil of pain and fear- I was very afraid and alone, in retrospect, I was in shock. She taught me a better way. She taught me how to move forward in love despite pain, trauma. I am forever grateful for Jana’s careful attention to detail, patience and guidance.

By the fourth week working with Jana, I already knew I wanted to commit another 6 weeks with her- because I was getting results and ready for more. She is incredible. I recommend her to anyone who is ready for more, ready for change, ready to confidently take their life back and catapult forward.  Now, I am stronger because of my life experiences. I live in love. My classes are moving forward and my business is almost ready to launch!!

I have experience in different healthcare modalities, but she offers a unique guidance and insight that I could not see alone. I am forever grateful and highly recommend her!”

Michelle V, 38 years old

Lakewood, CA

My experience working with you has been life-altering.

"I was feeling overwhelmed with my job, which bubbled over into my personal life. Our coaching sessions have given me some tools and small tasks to do daily to steer me in the direction of my goal of increasing healthy activities, as well as learning how to cope with stress more effectively.

What I liked most about our coaching relationship was the non-judgmental environment. You challenged my thinking and perceptions and led me down the path to personal growth.

I have gained a lifelong benefit from our coaching. I am so proud to say that I now actually leave my office for a 30-minute lunch break. For the past 2 years, I have eaten at my desk, working. This 20-minute break allows me to recharge myself so I am more productive for the second half of my day. I also now take a 10-minute morning break, where I implement healthy activity through walking around my work campus or doing strength training. A third major benefit from coaching is a mind shift. For the past 8 months, I have been trying to complete a self-study course. Through Jana’s guidance, I am now ¼ of the way through, of which would not have happened without her tips and mental breakthroughs she helped me reach.

Through this coaching process, I have gained insight into how my mindset and how I perceive something can actually impact whether I want to participate in things. For example, the self-paced course I am taking, I had in my mind that it wasn’t the coursework I really wanted, so I decided it was not good enough, so I didn’t want to finish it. Jana helped me to see that it is the right course for me, at this time.

I would recommend your coaching to someone who is trying to reach a health goal or to meet a specific goal in their life. Jana is amazing at summarizing my concerns and narrows down my wants and needs to manageable bite size tasks to get closer to my goals."

Becky H, 43, California

I found communication with Jana easy and engaging

Prior to working with Jana I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and depression as a result of the pandemic/quarantine, and also struggling with Pre menstrual dysphoric disorder. I found that communication with Jana was easy and engaging, and I appreciate the breathing exercises she led me in. We also did some guided meditations that were very useful. From our conversations, I made some revelations about the way I approach my own feelings towards others and myself, and I feel like I am implementing the tools she shared with me regarding self compassion. 

I would recommend Jana to other women dealing with hormonal issues, because I could tell she has good insight on the topic and her advice was helpful.  Ashley, H

Jana made me feel supported, powerful and hopeful

“I’m thankful that Jana’s guidance came into my life when it did. Jana opened my eyes and encouraged me to think big, taking me from feeling stuck in my career to embarking on a journey to start my own business. She coached me through some feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and burnout I was experiencing, resulting in me being happier and more satisfied at work. Jana taught me to be kind to myself and to fill my own cup first, which has helped me begin to realize a better work-life balance. Through her ability to really hear me and her support as my loudest cheerleader, Jana made me feel supported, powerful and hopeful. “

- LC, RN

I see results. Jana is an excellent coach.

"Before working with Jana, I was struggling with negative and self-defeating thoughts. Jana helped me look at some key issues differently and gave me some simple tools for redirecting my thoughts. This has helped me to almost eliminate my “dark” days.

I really enjoyed working with Jana. She is very good at listening and finding really important areas to explore. She was able to identify areas where my own beliefs about myself could and should be challenged. I always felt she was sincere and supportive. I liked that she was able to be fluid and just followed where the conversation or session led but also kept the time productive. 

Most notably, I have applied for a job that I was busy talking myself out of before working with Jana. Also, have been more emotionally stable; I have had fewer “dark” days and even have used one of the tools Jana taught me to pull myself out of a negative thought loop. I can control my thoughts and reactions. It takes a lot of work and isn’t immediate, but I see change.  Also, I use the breathing exercises all.the.time. 

I recommend Jana to everyone! I feel like shouting from the rooftops. Coaching is way better than therapy for me. I see results. Jana is an excellent coach."

-L.Valle, 44, California

I was able to identify my obstacles, what didn’t work for me and found solutions

I chose to use a life coach to help me overcome some self-care deficits in my life. As a nurse I spend most of my time taking care of others, I knew taking care of myself should be a priority. Over the time I worked with Jana I was able to identify my obstacles, what didn’t work for me and found solutions that assisted in my self-care, I now set priority of self-care in my first few minutes of waking up. This is a great foundation for my day.

I enjoyed working with Jana, she was insightful, nonjudgmental, listened well, and was able to assist me on my journey of making myself and health a priority.

I would recommend nurses, and people who want a better life to reach out to Jana for some amazing

Coaching to live your life to the fullest.

Jana, I appreciate and am thankful for the time we spent together."

Melissa K

I have discovered life hacks for better life balance

I was struggling with life balance and scheduling. My normal was feeling like I was just trying to keep up and never felt there was enough time in the day. Jana helped me to identify scheduling strategies to increase efficiency. She also helped me recognize that I was making assumptions on what others expected of me. I was trying to be always be available and “flexible” in my schedule so I would not inconvenience others. Ultimately my assumptions were placing strain on my relationships and increasing my stress level.


After communicating with my family/friends, I was able to create a schedule that allowed me more time and provide consistency for my family. I have incorporated these tools into my daily routine which has decreased my stress level immensely. Through Jana’s support, I have discovered life hacks for better life balance which has afforded me time to focus on my relationships. I would recommend Jana to anyone seeking self-improvement.

-Christine Kruse, 46

Jana has calming positive energy.

While working with Jana I was transitioning from being unemployed due to Covid to starting a new job. The meditation she practiced with me helped me stay focused and positive while taking on a new career path. I would recommend Jana to anyone looking for tools to help them cope with stress and transitioning into new situations. Lisa D, RN

Jana used guided imagery and meditation to reconnect me to my body and breath

"As a hospital RN during the pandemic, I was struggling with stress and anxiety. Jana used guided imagery and meditation to reconnect me to my body and breath and helped me to learn to live in the present moment. Through practice, I have been able to implement these techniques during challenging situations at both work and home. I am now more grounded and calm. I am so grateful to Jana for all that she has taught me. " Heather U, RN

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